Exotic Stone Ottawa – Improve Your Home with Granite and Marble

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Exotic Stone in Ottawa

What are the benefits to using exotic stone in your home in Ottawa? The major benefit is in the visual appeal of natural stone and how it can drastically change the look of any room it is used in. Natural stone is one of the most universally appealing building materials on the market today and it has been in high demand throughout history. This is especially true for exotic natural stones such as granite and marble. These stones have been fundamental building materials for centuries and the benefits continue to be enjoyed by homeowners in Ottawa and all across Canada today. Exotic stones are available in both tile and slab sizes with slabs being rarer and more expensive.
Exotic stone is one of the more expensive building materials available, due to the limited supply of the materials worldwide and the consistently high demand. When it comes to exotic stone, the quality and benefits more than justify the price of the materials. Granite and marble are known for their incredible durability and they instantly add incomparable beauty to any home they are used in. They are a true investment for the home that can be enjoyed for a very long time while also providing excellent return on investment, should the home ever go on the market to be sold. Exotic stone is a coveted selling point for many prospective homebuyers.

Granite in the Home

Granite has a hardness rating second only to diamonds. This characteristic makes it an excellent choice for flooring as it provides amazing durability when it is relatively thin. Polished or honed granite tiles are a perfect option for any high traffic floors in the home. Granite slabs also make excellent countertops that often last the lifetime of the home while requiring minimal maintenance.
The natural veins and exquisite textures in granite produce a look of elegance and sophistication that will never go out of style.

Making a Statement with Marble

Marble is a truly exotic natural stone with unique swirls and smoothness that brings to mind images of ancient Roman empires. Marble is also an excellent choice for flooring and countertops due to the vibrant beauty it adds to any room. Marble is softer than granite, making it an easier material to work with when creating custom shapes such as sinks and fireplaces. The unique way that marble will allow light to penetrate the outer layers before refracting is why it is commonly referred to as "living” stone.

Maintenance of Exotic Stone

Granite and marble are both porous materials. This means that if either material is to be used in areas where it can come into contact with water, they should be properly sealed first.  Periodic resealing of exotic stones (where necessary) is the only maintenance that is required for these materials. If the color of the stone appears different, maybe darker, when you leave a bead of water on it for a number of minutes, or if that bead flatens out, it's time to seal your surface.
If you are looking to create a unique and stunning look for your home, exotic stone is simply unbeatable. Impress guests and enhance the overall enjoyment of your home in Ottawa by installing exotic stone today.